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Objets Qui Content Et Qui Racontent is also an exhibition. The sound installations on display were designed and produced by Thibaut Alavoine. In his work, he primarily uses everyday objects and other recycled materials that he transforms, assembles, and recycles. All the musical devices that are presented to you are powered by fans that blow into motion the mechanisms that operate each installation. The instruments come to life and offer visitors a unique and surprising visual and musical experience.


Music is listened to as much as it is watched and photography echoes that.

In this exhibition, you will also be able to discover the photographs of Fanny Alavoine who offers a very personal and singular interpretation of the universe imagined by Thibaut. She invites you to take another unexpected, offbeat, free and playful look at this set of sound devices.


For all

The Artists

Thibaut Alavoine and Fanny Alavoine


Musical workshops can be offered

to the public during the exhibition.

An opening concert

A musical moment hosted by Thibaut Alavoine and Michel Lebreton is suggested during the opening of the exhibition.


We love to collaborate!

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