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The Artist

At a young age, he began playing with Meccano®, and he has been building ever since. Trained as a musician, he created the Cric Crac Music School in 1985 and helped to produce numerous shows and concerts.


Its instruments and devices are widely used in musical awakening workshops, percussion lessons, and collective practice workshops at the Cric Crac Music School.


He has also organized a number of workshops in schools, daycares, and institutions for people with disabilities to raise awareness.


He has directed the recording of several CDs with children's and teenagers' orchestras which offer an original repertoire halfway between traditional music and experimental music.


He has imagined and created more than a hundred instruments and devices that serve as focal points for many projects.


To this day, he continues his creative work by creating new devices and installations. He collaborates closely and regularly with Fanny Alavoine, graphic designer and photographer. The result of this complicity is the creation of an exhibition that mixes sound installations, photographs, sculptures, and poetry: Objets Qui Content Et Qui Racontent.


Other projects are in the making which will see the light of day very soon: shows, workshops, concerts, recordings, publications...

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